RTA plan prioritizes wildlife protections

The voter-approved Regional Transportation Authority plan is about more than roads, bridges, and bike lanes. Among the many aspects of the RTA plan is a responsibility for the stewardship of nature where our projects intersect with the Sonoran Desert wildlife habitat. “We’re a part of the community and we want our work to reflect community … Read more

After 17 years, RTA still going strong

On May 16, 2006, Pima County voters went to the polls and by a wide margin approved the Regional Transportation Authority plan. In the 17 years since the plan passed, the RTA  has brought improvements from one end of Pima County and the Tucson metro region to the other. Whether it’s the iconic Sun Link … Read more

Watch: RTA Delivers roadway corridors

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The 20-year Regional Transportation Authority plan, approved by Pima County voters in 2006, includes 35 roadway corridor projects across the metro region. To date, 18 corridors have been completed, and 10 of the remaining 17 projects have sections completed. The corridor projects include new roads, bridges, intersections and traffic interchanges. Many also include bike lanes, … Read more

The RTA is regionalism at its best

The Regional Transportation Authority at its heart is a regional approach to improving the shared transportation network.   As a regional transportation funding source, the RTA’s voter-approved half-cent sales tax generates about $100 million a year on average for regional transportation improvements within Pima County.   You can see this regional approach in action and what … Read more

Watch: RTA Delivers bus pullouts

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The RTA Delivers. We’ve built 163 of the 200 bus pullouts promised in the 2006 plan. Bus pullouts allow transit vehicles to move out of the travel lanes while passengers board and alight. In areas where buses stop for long periods of time along major arterials, pullouts prevent buses from delaying traffic in the through … Read more

After 17 years, RTA still delivers

White construction cranes lift a metal bridge into place at the Stone Avenue underpass in Downtown Tucson.

It’s been nearly 17 years since voters in this community went to the polls and approved the Regional Transportation Authority plan and RTA sales tax. The 20-year, $2 billion plan, funded through the countywide half-cent sales tax, has brought improvements from one end of Pima County and the Tucson metro region to another. Whether it’s … Read more

Watch: RTA Delivers bike lanes

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Folks in our community love to ride bikes. Whether for transportation, exercise or just for fun, bicycles are a common sight on the regional roads and pathways. The RTA recognizes the fondness people have for riding and included the expansion of bike lanes and other safety improvements throughout the region as part of the voter-approved … Read more

Watch: RTA Delivers wildlife crossings

The 2006, voter-approved RTA plan included funding for wildlife crossing structures to enhance the safety for motorist and the unique animals of our Sonoran Desert region. The plan funds structures like enhanced culverts, wildlife overpasses and fencing to guide animals to safe crossings in order to avoid collisions with vehicles. These safety enhancements provide connectivity … Read more

RTA Next: Community partnerships will be a key component

The most important partnership we have at the Regional Transportation Authority is the one with the community, which contributes to our long-term planning insights and ensures our work reflects the will of the voters. This partnership is strengthened in many ways including through the RTA Board’s establishment of a Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC), which is … Read more