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RTA Spirit of Regionalism Award

2024 RTA Spirit of Regionalism Award recipient, Brian Keeley. RTA Officers, Ed Honea, immediate past chair, Joe Winfield, RTA Vice Chair and Tom Murphy RTA Second Vice Chair, presented the award.

2024 Recipient: Brian Keeley, News Release

About the Spirit of Regionalism Award:

In 2024, the Regional Transportation Authority established a regional leadership award to present annually, or as determined.

Award Description

The Regional Transportation Authority established the RTA Spirit of Regionalism Award to recognize and honor individuals who exemplify the spirit of regional collaboration through extraordinary leadership and dedication to advancing regional transportation initiatives that benefit the economic well-being of all people in the greater Tucson region.

As a regional collaborator, the individual demonstrates unwavering values of:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Impartiality

Such values set apart exemplary leaders whose actions resonate throughout the community, inspiring others to rally behind the individual and actively contribute to advancing the prosperity of the region.

Regionally collaborative efforts by the individual may include:

  • Advocating regional concepts, approaches and programs: Champions regional initiatives and policies that foster collaboration and growth across diverse communities.
  • Advancing the vision of the region as a broad community of excellence: Demonstrates a relentless commitment to elevating the region’s status as a beacon of innovation and opportunity.
  • Achieving improved quality of life and better opportunity for the region’s residents: Works tirelessly to enhance the well-being and prosperity of all residents within the region.
  • Significant leadership during times of regional challenge: Demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities and decisiveness in navigating turbulent times and tackling complex regional issues with resilience, creativity and strategic foresight.
  • Service in guiding an important forum or gatherings that support the region: Plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the region or initiatives crucial to the region’s success.
  • Emerging leader with great promise for regional impact: Displays remarkable potential and dedication to making a meaningful difference in the region’s future.
  • Sustained public service: Commits to serving the public interest over the long term, leaving a legacy of positive change.
  • Effectiveness and innovation in working across boundaries: Breaks down silos and fosters collaboration across diverse sectors and stakeholders.

Critical support delivered across jurisdictions: Provides invaluable support and resources of time and talent that transcend geographical boundaries, benefiting the greater Tucson region.