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The Regional Transportation Authority established a citizens’ advisory committee (CAC) in May 2018 to assist in developing the next RTA plan. As part of the RTAnext planning process, the CAC is meeting to initially understand how the current plan was developed and gather the information they will need to consider when they start drafting a new plan.The CAC is beginning to review the initial project lists submitted by members of the RTA Technical Management Committee for plan consideration.

The RTA also has also been providing informational presentations about the current RTA plan and the RTAnext plan development process to groups throughout the region. More than 4,000 people have viewed the presentation. In November and December 2019, more than 3,100 people participated in a survey to provide feedback on guiding principles and goals drafted by the CAC. Over 85% of the survey participants expressed agreement or strong agreement on the goals of improving the conditions of existing roadways, providing efficient crosstown mobility, reducing congestion, and reducing crashes at intersections.

The original RTA plan, which voters, approved in May 2006, will be implemented through June 2026. The next RTA plan would be funded by an extension of the RTA’s excise (sales) tax. Both the new RTA plan and tax would need approval by Pima County voters in a future election.

This citizen-driven planning effort will continue the successful collaborative efforts of the RTA, citizens, and county, local, state and tribal governments that led to the 2006-voter approved plan.

A new RTA plan will need to be approved by voters before June 2026 to allow for a seamless transition from one plan to the next. Once the CAC drafts the plan, the RTA will conduct an extensive public participation process to seek input before a final draft is presented to the RTA Board. Public participation opportunities will be through online surveys, open houses, stakeholder sessions, public meetings or other events.

A future election will be set once the draft plan is approved by the RTA Board.

RTAnext Fact Sheet

Learn more about the RTAnext planning process and public participation opportunities.

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