How to learn which roads are flooded

The Regional Transportation Authority and Pima Association of Governments operate a website that shows real-time traffic information based on reporting from local law enforcement agencies and transportation departments, including flood conditions. During Monsoon, the site includes road closures due to flooding (red circles) and areas where drivers should proceed … Read more »

Learn about all RTA roadway projects

Ever wonder about the status of the 35 roadway corridor projects in the Regional Transportation Authority plan? The RTA provides information about projects in various formats and locations on our website. Here’s a guide to what you can find: There are resources to track our activity on all the roadway … Read more »

The war in Ukraine affects RTA projects, too

It seems every month since March 2020, we’ve heard about supply-chain disruptions and seen them firsthand in our grocery stores and online availability of goods. Now, some Regional Transportation Authority projects are facing similar supply and demand challenges. A number of products used to construct roadways and the elements around … Read more »

RTA status report – June 2022

RTA Project Status – Through May 31 Projects in design 74 Under construction/implementation 50 Total number completed 927 RTA Financial Status – Through May 31 Funds expended to date $1.4B The current RTA status report shows 927 projects have been completed. Of those, 17 major roadway corridor construction projects have … Read more »

Mapping the RTA’s work

The Regional Transportation Authority has developed maps to show where RTA plan projects have been completed throughout the Tucson metropolitan area. That goes for the large, named corridor projects, and for new sidewalks, bus pullouts, intersection improvements and more. The RTA plan and half-cent (excise) sales tax to fund improvements … Read more »

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