The RTA is getting projects done

The Regional Transportation Authority of Pima County has pledged to achieve all its promises made to voters who approved a regional transportation plan and half-cent excise (sales) tax in 2006, and the outcomes speak for themselves. RTA member jurisdictions are responsible for constructing the projects that use RTA funding, and … Read more »

Bicycle and pedestrian improvements are on the way

When it comes to the Regional Transportation Authority, it’s not just about roads. The RTA is partnering with member jurisdictions on bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements as well, in order to continue its commitment to a multimodal regional transportation system. These improvements are included in every roadway corridor project, but … Read more »

Broadway project update – May 2022

The City of Tucson is widening a two-mile stretch of East Broadway Boulevard as part of the Regional Transportation Authority plan approved by Pima County voters in 2006. It will improve safety, reduce congestion, and improve overall mobility, especially with the addition of key amenities such as a five-foot-wide bike … Read more »

Downtown Links project update – May 2022

The Downtown Links road construction project will create a new connection between Broadway Boulevard, Barraza-Aviation Parkway and Interstate 10, allowing motorists to bypass busy downtown Tucson streets to reach the freeway. The construction project was decades in the making and is being completed as one of 35 roadway corridors in … Read more »

RTA performs well in 15-year state audit

Once again, the Regional Transportation Authority has successfully demonstrated it has met its statutory and fiduciary responsibilities to the voters, pursuant to a legislatively mandated 15-year independent audit. The audit affirmed that RTA plan projects were completed as planned and realized many accomplishments. Of the 51 RTA plan projects (plan segments) envisioned … Read more »

News Release: State audit reaffirms RTA’s success

For the second time, the Regional Transportation Authority of Pima County performed well in a legislatively mandated performance audit of the 2006 voter-approved regional transportation plan. Under the 15-year audit conducted by the Office of the Arizona Auditor General (Arizona Revised Statutes 41-1279.03), the RTA successfully met its statutory and … Read more »

RTA revenue stays strong through pandemic

The Regional Transportation Authority is on track to meet or exceed the revenue budget for its tax collections this year to fund projects in the RTA’s 20-year regional transportation plan, which is effective through June 2026. The University of Arizona Eller College of Management produces estimates for how much the … Read more »

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