Assistance program helps businesses cope with impacts of roadway projects

The voter-approved Regional Transportation Authority plan promises $2 billion in transportation system improvements. Inevitably, though, major roadway construction projects are accompanied by major disruptions for nearby businesses. The MainStreet Business Assistance Program is a complimentary service funded by the Regional Transportation Authority plan to help business owners establish survival strategies … Read more »

RTA funds transit services people depend on

The regional transit system provides millions of rides to tens of thousands of people each year. Many of the transit services people in the community rely upon are funded by the Regional Transportation Authority sales tax. In total, the RTA plan will contribute more than $530 million to transit infrastructure … Read more »

Keep up with RTA projects and finances

The RTA regularly provides updates on financial standing and project status. Want to know how many bus pullouts the plan funded? Interested in how many miles of bike lanes have been built? Or maybe you want to know about roadway corridor projects completed? Find answers to these and more questions. … Read more »

RTA plan prioritizes wildlife protections

The voter-approved Regional Transportation Authority plan is about more than roads, bridges, and bike lanes. Among the many aspects of the RTA plan is a responsibility for the stewardship of nature where our projects intersect with the Sonoran Desert wildlife habitat. “We’re a part of the community and we want … Read more »

Watch: RTA Delivers roadway corridors

The 20-year Regional Transportation Authority plan, approved by Pima County voters in 2006, includes 35 roadway corridor projects across the metro region. To date, 18 corridors have been completed, and 10 of the remaining 17 projects have sections completed. The corridor projects include new roads, bridges, intersections and traffic interchanges. … Read more »