Curious about the next RTA plan?

The Regional Transportation Authority has engaged a Citizens Advisory Committee to develop priorities, weigh suggestions and create the next regional transportation plan for the greater Tucson region. The committee has 33 members who come from throughout the region, have varied transportation needs, and bring diverse personal and professional experiences. The … Read more »

RTA status report – March 2022

RTA Project Status – Through Feb. 28 Projects in design 70 Under construction/implementation 50 Total number completed 924 RTA Financial Status – Through Feb. 28 Funds expended to date $1.4B The current RTA status report shows 924 projects have been completed. Of those, 17 major roadway corridor construction projects have … Read more »

What is the Project Review Task Force?

Fifteen years after voters approved the Regional Transportation Authority plan and excise tax to pay for multimodal transportation improvements across the greater Tucson region, some corridor projects are under review to address final delivery. The RTA Project Review Task Force has developed a set of parameters to guide decisions about … Read more »

How to tune in to RTA business

Did you know you can view all the Regional Transportation Authority’s meetings streamed live on YouTube? Meetings provide an opportunity to learn about project and financial updates from the RTA’s 20-year plan that is in place through June 2026 and to hear about RTA Next planning efforts. You can participate … Read more »

Get the facts about how the RTA works

It was 18 years ago, in 2004, when the Legislature authorized a Regional Transportation Authority in Pima County and nearly 16 years ago when voters approved the current program of transportation improvements and funding for them. The RTA, as a state-and-voter-authorized entity, is bound by a number of policies and … Read more »