Road designs incorporate monsoon safety

Southern Arizonans rejoice over monsoon rains, until we approach a flooded roadway or intersection on our way home from the store or work and wonder if we have enough clearance to cross. We all know we must avoid dip crossings and not enter an obviously flooded roadway, but we’ve also all driven streets in the … Read more

Downtown Links project update – August 2021

Downtown Links is one of 35 roadway corridor projects funded in the Regional Transportation Authority’s 20-year regional transportation plan approved by voters in 2006. The project is managed by the City of Tucson and involves building a new road to extend Barraza-Aviation Parkway from its current terminus, at Broadway east of downtown, to connect with … Read more

RTA projects help prevent future flooding

Did you know every Regional Transportation Authority roadway corridor project has drainage improvements included? Drainage improvements help ensure roadway safety by reducing flooded streets or fast-running washes overflowing onto roads. This is particularly obvious during the monsoon. Another impact of drainage improvements is to help reduce stormwater pollution by funneling water through designated channels, so … Read more