Citizens Advisory Committee


The Regional Transportation Authority Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) was established to provide initial public input on developing a draft regional transportation plan for the greater Tucson region.

The RTA Next plan would be funded by an extension of the RTA’s transaction privilege (sales) tax. A new plan and tax extension will both require voter approval to go into effect. The current 20-year RTA plan and half-cent sales tax, approved in May 2006 by Pima County voters, are effective through June 2026.

The CAC provided initial public input on transportation planning efforts for development of the next 20-year RTA plan. The CAC collaborated with the RTA Technical Management Committee (TMC) on technical matters during the draft plan development process.

The CAC recommended transportation improvement options to the RTA Board for further consideration. Once the board adopts a final draft, the RTA will initiate regionwide public outreach for review and feedback on the draft 20-year plan prior to a future election.

The CAC’s work toward plan development has been completed. No future CAC meetings are scheduled.

All RTA meetings are open to the public to follow final plan development.

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