Transit Service RFP – Sun Shuttle

The Regional Transportation Authority of Pima County (RTA) seeks proposals from qualified professional firms, either singly or through a joint venture with others to provide Sun Shuttle and/or Sun Shuttle Dial-a-Ride services in Pima County. Firms can bid singly on either Sun Shuttle fixed-route service or Sun Shuttle ADA Dial-a-Ride service, or submit a joint bid on both services together. Firms may also employ subcontractors to provide parts of the services, but the RTA will award a maximum of two (2) contracts to prime contractors. The RTA reserves the right to negotiate the structure and pricing of the services during the bidding phase of this procurement.

The selected service provider(s) will be expected to provide high-quality transit service while using regionally integrated fare collection technology and adhering to regionally adopted customer service, fare and rider policies.

This project will be managed by the RTA in coordination with other transit providers such as Sun Tran, Sun Van, and other human service agencies in the region.

The RTA is the fiscal manager of the funds that were approved by voters in a 20-year Regional Transportation Authority plan on May 16, 2006. The RTA oversees implementation of voter-approved projects, while member jurisdictions take the lead on constructing projects within their boundaries. Due to the regional nature of the services being provided in this solicitation, the RTA will manage this contract.

Questions regarding this RFP are to be submitted to the RTA in writing by email to the attention of Rob Samuelsen at rsamuelsen@rtamobility.com. Questions will be accepted until 2:00 p.m. (local time) on December 10, 2021. Proposers are encouraged to submit their questions as early as possible to allow the RTA adequate time to prepare accurate and comprehensive responses. It is the responsibility of potential candidates to monitor the web postings to ensure they have all up-to-date information on the proposal requirements.

All proposals must be received by the RTA on or before 12:00 p.m. (local time) Friday, February 4, 2022.

Please note, updated information is provided below, in the Pricing Worksheet Clarification for Proposers document, regarding Sun Shuttle ADA Dial-a-Ride pricing estimates and submission deadlines and format.

Hard copies may be delivered to PAG, 1 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite 401, Tucson, AZ 85701. Proposals will be opened at 12:15 p.m. The RTA reserves the right to disqualify any and all proposals not in accordance with the prescribed requirements of this RFP. The award of a contract for this project is anticipated to occur around February/March 2022.

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