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The RTA funds additional evening and weekend bus service, express bus service, streetcar service, special needs transit for the elderly and people with disabilities, along with a neighborhood circulator bus system for everyone and park-and-ride transit centers.

The RTA funds contribute to expanded Sun Tran service on weekday evenings and weekends, allowing people to access the public system more conveniently.

The Sun Express service, which was expanded considerably with RTA funding, provides express bus transportation from outlying areas across the region to work centers, such as downtown, the University of Arizona and Aero Park Drive, and integrates with the Sun Tran and Sun Shuttle systems.

The 3.9-mile Sun Link streetcar system was built with RTA funds, federal grants and local funds. The RTA continues to fund annual operations. The streetcar route encompasses five major urban districts, including the Mercado District on the west side, downtown Tucson, 4th Avenue, Main Gate Square and the University of Arizona and UA Health Sciences campuses on the west end. Streetcar service is fully integrated with the Sun Tran bus system. Some 100,000 people live and work within a 1-mile radius of the streetcar route.

The Sun Tran, Sun Express and Sun Link systems are managed by the City of Tucson.

The Sun Shuttle system operates 12 neighborhood circulator routes across the region with connections to the Sun Tran bus system. Sun Shuttle service is available for people of all ages to use. Shuttles operate on scheduled routes to help commuters plan and make transfers to Sun Tran. The RTA contracts with Total Ride to operate the service.

Sun Shuttle Dial-a-Ride provides door-to-door paratransit service to persons with disabilities living outside Tucson city limits or City of Tucson residents needing to reach destinations outside city limits. This RTA contracts with Total Ride to operate this service.