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RTA Committees

The RTA has policy, technical and citizen advisory committees. Most committee recommendations flow through the Executive Director and to the RTA Board. The RTA Citizens Accountability for Regional Transportation (CART) Committee reports directly to the RTA Board.

RTA Citizens Accountability for Regional Transportation (CART) Committee

The CART Committee monitors progress toward implementation of the voter-approved 2006 RTA plan. The committee provides oversight on project delivery and reviews revenue projections and project expenditures. The CART Committee meets twice a year.

PAG and RTA Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

The CAC provided initial public input on transportation planning efforts for development of the next RTA plan. The CAC collaborated with the RTA Technical Management Committee (TMC) on technical matters during the draft plan development process. The CAC recommended transportation improvement options to the RTA Board for further consideration. Once the board adopts a final draft, the RTA will initiate regionwide public outreach for review and feedback on the draft 20-year plan prior to a future election. The CAC’s work toward plan development has been completed. No future CAC meetings are scheduled.

RTA Technical Management Committee (TMC)

The TMC is a technical and policy advisory committee that monitors the technical performance of the voter-approved RTA plan and provides input to the RTA CART Committee and CAC. The TMC meets as scheduled.