The Regional Transportation Authority plan is designed to help people easily and affordably access work, school, business or play. Expanded transit services across the region give riders more options and flexibility through a regional seamless transit system. The RTA’s business assistance program, MainStreet, provides outreach and consulting services to businesses located in transportation improvement zones along RTA-funded corridor projects.

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The Regional Transportation Authority is investing nearly one-third of RTA plan revenues on transit to ensure a seamless regional transit system that meets the diverse needs of our communities. The RTA investment in a variety of transit services aims to help people arrive at their destinations safely, efficiently and on time. Services include mass transit, a streetcar system and neighborhood shuttles that connect to the mass transit and streetcar systems for enhanced connectivity. Read more »

Business Assistance

Transportation improvement projects can often last for up to two years or more. During that time, construction-related disruptions can affect day-to-day operations for small businesses located along an RTA project if they are not prepared. Helping business owners understand that RTA transportation improvement projects are on their way and what owners can do before and during construction to prepare for the construction journey is crucial to the development of business survival strategies, especially at times when customer access can be limited. MainStreet, a business assistance program of the RTA, is always ready to provide complimentary support services before you need them. Read more »