Houghton Road project update – April 2021

The Houghton Road improvement project, one of 35 roadway corridor projects funded in the Regional Transportation Authority’s 2006 voter-approved plan, spans 13 miles between East Tanque Verde Road and Interstate 10. As such, it was scheduled into several phases of construction. The goal of the RTA project is to create a desert parkway by widening … Read more

Regional planning includes RTA projects

Pima Association of Governments is seeking public input on its draft Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for fiscal years 2022-2026, and the draft includes projects from the Regional Transportation Authority plan. The PAG document covers the final five years of the voter-approved RTA plan through June 2026. The RTA Board has committed to fund all RTA … Read more

Downtown Links project update – April 2021

The 10-by-12-foot concrete box culverts installed underneath the new Downtown Links roadway surface will carry water to the Santa Cruz River and remove many downtown neighborhood properties from the floodplain. Downtown Links is one of 35 roadway corridor projects funded in the Regional Transportation Authority’s 20-year regional transportation plan approved by voters in 2006. Managed … Read more

Regional planning underway with CAC

Developing a regional transportation plan is no simple task. The Regional Transportation Authority is carrying out a voter-approved plan for 20 years of transportation infrastructure and transit service improvements. Members of the RTA’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) are working on a second RTA plan to identify a slate of projects that will continue beyond June … Read more

CAC’s goal: enhance the region’s future

The Regional Transportation Authority’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is tackling challenging questions about regional transportation priorities and will take on that task using the best available information about our future. For example, we know the use of autonomous vehicles is emerging, even if we can’t yet predict the pace of consumer integration. We know vehicles … Read more

RTA’s tax collections fare well during pandemic

The Regional Transportation Authority’s 20-year plan for transportation improvements in the Pima County region relies on a half-cent excise tax for a significant amount of RTA project funding, but in the year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, consumer shopping habits have changed dramatically to help prevent the spread of the virus. Due to the diversity … Read more

We’re always thinking regionally

The 35 named roadway projects in the Regional Transportation Authority plan are located throughout the metro area, but they have a shared characteristic. The projects have regional significance because they provide access to multiple communities in Pima County. RTA improvements help us get to regional destinations with improved safety, reduced congestion and more travel choices. … Read more

What is the RTA and its role in our region?

The Regional Transportation Authority was established in 2004 by the Arizona Legislature as a political subdivision and independent taxing district. As a political subdivision, the RTA is a public body established to develop a regional transportation plan for voter approval. The current multimodal RTA plan was approved by Pima County voters in May 2006 and … Read more

Complexities of transportation funding

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People may often wonder why one transportation project starts just as an adjacent project is completed. One might ask, why were the two projects not completed at the same time? The answer is not as simple as one might expect. In the world of roads, transit, safety, bicycle and pedestrian project improvements, regional transportation funding … Read more