RTA revenue stays strong through pandemic

The Regional Transportation Authority is on track to meet or exceed the revenue budget for its tax collections this year to fund projects in the RTA’s 20-year regional transportation plan, which is effective through June 2026. The University of Arizona Eller College of Management produces estimates for how much the 2006 voter-approved half-cent Transaction Privilege … Read more

RTA is one of many funding sources for the region

The half-cent sales tax that funds at least part of every project in the 20-year Regional Transportation Authority plan is just one piece of the regional transportation funding matrix, and understanding how it fits in the funding picture is important to recognizing the benefits the RTA brings to the region. The RTA’s sales tax is … Read more

RTA status report – December 2021

RTA Project Status – Through Nov. 30 Projects in design 65 Under construction/implementation 51 Total number completed 916 RTA Financial Status – Through Nov. 30 Funds expended to date $1.4B The current RTA status report shows 916 projects have been completed. Of those, 17 major roadway corridor construction projects have been completed, and 11 additional … Read more

News Release: Fitch upgrades RTA bond ratings

Fitch Ratings, a U.S. credit rating agency, announced on Sept. 30 that it has upgraded the Regional Transportation Authority’s outstanding excise tax revenue bonds of $128.8 million to AA+ from AA, and the rating outlook is stable. The RTA, which is the fiscal manager of a 20-year regional transportation plan and half-cent tax approved by … Read more

RTA funding: a primer

The primary funding source for Regional Transportation Authority plan projects is from the RTA’s voter-approved half-cent (excise) sales tax. The RTA tax is levied on taxable goods and services throughout Pima County to pay for the projects in the 20-year regional transportation plan. Both the plan and tax were approved by Pima County voters in … Read more