Annual report shows RTA still going strong after 17 years

Still going strong after 17 years, the Regional Transportation Authority shares another round of project and financial updates for public review in its annual report for fiscal year 2023.

“We take our responsibility seriously and have been accountable to our communities and to our members,” Marana Mayor and RTA Chair Ed Honea said in the annual report. “Our 10-year and 15-year state-mandated performance audits also confirm we have been successful in managing our resources and delivering our projects.”

Report highlights include a running account of projects completed over 17 years, including:

  • 195 intersection improvements
  • 83 pedestrian crossings
  • 163 bus pullouts
  • 179 miles of sidewalks
  • 366 miles of bike lanes
  • 17 completed roadway corridors

The report also provides updates on current projects from the RTA’s 20-year, 2006 voter approved regional transportation plan and those projects slated to begin construction in the coming year. These include:

  • Sunset Road, Phase 2 from I-10 to River Road
  • Downtown Links, Phases 3 and 4 between Broadway Blvd. and St. Mary’s Road
  • Tangerine Road, Phase 2A from I-10 to Tangerine Business Loop
  • Silverbell Road, Phase 2 from Goret Road to El Camino del Cerro
  • Grant Road, Phases 3 and 4 from Palo Verde Blvd. to Venice Place
  • 22nd Street Viaduct, Kino Blvd. to Tucson Blvd.
  • Valencia Road, bus pullout at Valencia and Ignacio Baumea
  • Irvington Road, Santa Cruz River to east of I-19; (to be constructed as part of I-19 interchange reconstruction)
  • Valencia Road, Kolb Road to Houghton Road

Find the full report here and learn more about how the RTA continues to deliver on our promise to you.