RTA Annual Report shows milestones reached in FY 2021-2022

The Regional Transportation Authority’s annual report is complete and available for the public to read.

This year has in many ways been a challenge – continuing to deal with supply chain and labor shortage issues and navigating the significant construction cost increases due to global economic difficulties. Yet, this year also has seen many milestones reached in RTA plan delivery, with some big projects completed and others set to get underway.

Read the annual report.

Here are a few projects RTA member jurisdictions completed in 2022:

  • Ruthrauff Road, Interstate 10/Union Pacific Railroad Overpass
  • Houghton Road, Stage 6, Valencia Road to Mary Ann Cleveland Way
  • Broadway Boulevard, Euclid Avenue to Country Club Road

Other projects planned to begin in the coming year include:

  • 22nd Street, Kino Parkway to Tucson Boulevard
  • Grant Road, Alvernon Way to Swan Road
  • Silverbell Road project, Goret Road to El Camino del Cerro
  • Valencia Road, Kolb Road to Houghton Road
  • Sunset Road

We also have begun to implement the final five-year period of the 2006 voter-approved regional transportation plan.

You can also read all the RTA annual reports, audits, and other documents, including the recently completed RTA Single Audit Report, on our online Publications page.