Fare-free transit to continue through June

Sun Tran buses will continue to run fare-free through the current fiscal year.

The Tucson City Council approved the extension of free Sun Tran, Sun Link, and Sun Van fares will remain free until June 30.

The mayor and council first suspended fares for public transit systems in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. City leaders have renewed the moratorium on fares three times since then.

The extension will allow the city time to seek alternative funding sources for the regional transit system. Options discussed at the Council meeting Dec. 20, included additional support from the University of Arizona and Tucson Unified School District, and expanded federal funding.

The city contributes $53 million annually to run the transit system, the total costs of which top $100 million. Maintaining a fare-free system costs an estimated $10 million annually.  

The Regional Transportation Authority plan allocates $534 million to transit services – Sun Tran, Sun Link, Sun Van, and (regular) Sun Shuttle – over the life of the voter-approved 20-year plan.

Learn more about the RTA commitment to expanded transit services here.