Get the facts about how the RTA works

It was 18 years ago, in 2004, when the Legislature authorized a Regional Transportation Authority in Pima County and nearly 16 years ago when voters approved the current program of transportation improvements and funding for them. The RTA, as a state-and-voter-authorized entity, is bound by a number of policies and promises. Here is a refresher … Read more

RTA funds address transportation and wildlife needs

From the outset, the Regional Transportation Authority plan set aside funding for both detailed roadway project improvements as defined on the ballot and other projects that fit into a more broadly defined category of spending, such as ‘safety’. When it drafted the current plan, the 2005 RTA Citizens Advisory Committee recognized the need to have … Read more

Downtown Links project update – January 2022

The Downtown Links road construction project promises to forge a new connection between Broadway Boulevard, Aviation Parkway and Interstate 10, allowing motorists to bypass busy downtown streets to reach the freeway. The construction project, which is one of 35 roadway corridors in the Regional Transportation Authority voter-approved plan, was decades in the making. The work … Read more

RTA Annual Report now available

The Regional Transportation Authority’s fiscal year 2020-2021 Annual Report is now available with updates on recent projects completed and the financial standing of the organization at the end of the fiscal year. The report celebrates nearly 930 projects completed in 15 years of the RTA, voter-approved plan so far, from large roadway improvements that help … Read more

RTA status report – December 2021

RTA Project Status – Through Nov. 30 Projects in design 65 Under construction/implementation 51 Total number completed 916 RTA Financial Status – Through Nov. 30 Funds expended to date $1.4B The current RTA status report shows 916 projects have been completed. Of those, 17 major roadway corridor construction projects have been completed, and 11 additional … Read more

Road work ahead: RTA projects breaking ground in 2022

The Regional Transportation Authority’s partner jurisdictions are working hard to construct roadway improvements throughout the Tucson metro area, including major widening projects on Houghton Road and on East Broadway Boulevard, plus construction of the new Downtown Links roadway to connect Barraza-Aviation Parkway with Interstate 10 through the downtown area. Behind the scenes, a different effort … Read more

Seeking paratransit and neighborhood circulator operator

The Regional Transportation Authority’s transit funding commitments are to expand weekend and evening bus service; add express bus, streetcar and neighborhood circulator shuttle services; and enhance special needs transit for elderly residents and people with disabilities. As the operator of neighborhood circulator services and special needs transit, the RTA is seeking bids from transit operators … Read more

Safety is part of every RTA project

The Regional Transportation Authority Plan includes $180 million dedicated to safety improvements throughout the region. But the true investment in safety for our community over the course of the 20-year plan is far more than that, as every major roadway corridor project incorporates safety improvements. Some of the safety projects and goals include: Bus pullouts … Read more