The RTA is getting projects done

The Regional Transportation Authority of Pima County has pledged to achieve all its promises made to voters who approved a regional transportation plan and half-cent excise (sales) tax in 2006, and the outcomes speak for themselves.

RTA member jurisdictions are responsible for constructing the projects that use RTA funding, and they have completed nearly all the promised intersection improvements and pedestrian crossings so far, with approximately four years left in the plan.

More than half of the bus pullouts, sidewalks, bike lane miles, and roadway corridors are complete as well, with several under construction.

The latest update on all the RTA has accomplished, and information about what remains to be done in the plan is available in the newest Our Mobility brochure.

It includes a full list of all the roadway corridors, environmental and economic vitality projects, plus safety and transit improvements promised to voters in 2006. The most current status maps for the plan elements showing where projects have been completed are also available for viewing.