Mapping the RTA’s work

The Regional Transportation Authority has developed maps to show where RTA plan projects have been completed throughout the Tucson metropolitan area. That goes for the large, named corridor projects, and for new sidewalks, bus pullouts, intersection improvements and more. The RTA plan and half-cent (excise) sales tax to fund improvements was approved by Pima County voters in 2006.

Visit the RTA’s maps page to see the latest visual representation of how many improvements your sales tax dollars have enabled. The maps show the extensive impact of the RTA tax revenue to fund regional transportation improvements in the metro area.

The maps show the regional approach of the RTA and illustrate the progress of a regional plan in which smaller-scale items such as intersection improvements (as opposed to a full road reconstruction) contribute to the overall safety and mobility of the traveling public, no matter what mode they use.

Maps of pedestrian crossings and bike lanes show how much more interconnected the region is than in 2006, before voters approved this systemic approach to improvements. Peruse the RTA maps to see how your regional transportation plan is making our region a better place to work, play and live.