RTA status report – June 2021

RTA Project Status – Through May 31
Projects in design 55
Under Construction/Implementation 46
Total Number Completed 895
RTA Financial Status – Through May 31
Collections $1.1B
Funds Expended $1.3B
Fund Balance $156M

The RTA status report for June 2021 shows 895 projects have been completed.

Of those, 17 major roadway corridor construction projects have been completed, and nine additional corridors are partially completed. The roadway corridors make up the largest expense in the RTA plan.

Some corridors have seen intersection improvements to help with the flow of regional transportation, 190 such projects have been completed out of 200 promised.

Other impactful projects also have continued throughout the Tucson metropolitan area in the past 15 years since the RTA began, including projects with a multimodal focus:

  •  76 pedestrian crossings of 80 promised
  • 139 bus pullouts of 200 promised
  • 179 miles of new sidewalk, 250 promised
  • 366 miles of new bike lane of 550 promised

The RTA Board has committed to funding all projects in the voter-approved plan, and the RTA Citizens Advisory Committee is working to draft a proposed new slate of projects for voters to consider. The current plan expires in 2026.