Recipe for Success

The Regional Transportation Authority is working on a second RTA plan that would take us way beyond 2026, when the current voter-approved plan and funding expire. The RTA Board, made up of representatives from each incorporated jurisdiction in Pima County, is committed to funding all of the roadway projects named in the current plan up to the RTA ballot amount. Our region, however, has new transportation needs, and that is why a citizens committee is working on a new plan with an additional set of projects.

Once the committee has a draft plan and residents across the greater Tucson region have opportunities to weigh in, the plan and funding questions would be placed on a countywide election ballot.

What is it that made the current RTA plan so successful? Former RTA Citizen’s Advisory Committee Co-Chair Katie Dusenberry recalls that back in 2004 and 2005, during plan development, public involvement was key, and she says it should remain so moving forward. “I think we need to do what we did the first time around. We went out and talked to people and got their input.” Dusenberry says it is important to have a plan that the public can get behind. “It allows you to have accountability. People want to know what it is. They want to know what their money is going for … that it will accomplish a purpose.”