New transit routes and schedules take effect this month

Adjustments to the Sun Shuttle neighborhood transit service are coming later this month. The changes will cover primarily schedule and time-point stops. In addition, new service routes have been added.

Sun Shuttle service changes are listed below. Find all recent transit service changes and updated transit brochures here. Sun Shuttle changes go into effect August 21.

A Sun Shuttle van at a stop.

Route 401 – time-point stops have changed and schedule changes

Route 412 – New service route

  • Route shift from River to Orange Grove between La Cañada and Shannon and schedule changes

Route 413 – New service route, time-point stops have changed and schedule changes

  • Route shift from I-10 to Bald Eagle, Camino de Oeste and Oldfather
  • Discontinued stop at Arizona Pavilion
  • Extended route to Shannon, now serving Pima Community College Northwest, Nanini Library, Northwest YMCA, Tucson North MVD

Route 421 – Added additional stops

  • VA – Sixth Avenue and Veterans
  • South Tucson Municipal Center – Sixth Avenue and 26th Street
  • Flag Zone– La Cañada from Duval Mine to Trader

Route 440 – time-point stops have changed and schedule changes

Route 430 – Neighborhood labels

Route 440 – Timepoint and schedule changes

Route 486 – Route information is now in Sun Shuttle booklet and several stops have been renamed

  • Quijotoa now Maish Vaya (Trading Post)
  • Robles Junction (Three Points) now Three Points (Robles Junction)
  • Tucson now Tucson (Laos Transit Center)

The Regional Transportation Authority plan provides funding for Sun Shuttle and other regional transit systems.

Sun Shuttle provides service to riders in outlying communities and neighborhoods to connect with mass transit services offered by Sun Tran, Sun Express and the Sun Link streetcar.

Learn more about the RTA’s support for transit services here.