Highlighting RTA safety projects for Stop on Red Week

It’s Stop on Red Week to call attention to the risks of red light running.

We all know that it takes vigilance and care to ensure the safety of everyone traveling around us, but it’s always a good time to refresh our presence of mind about transportation safety.

The Regional Transportation Authority has made great progress in implementing safety measures that will help ensure a more livable future for our region. From bus pullouts to signalized pedestrian crossings, new sidewalks and multiuse paths, we’ve had safety in mind on every project we implement.

Visit the RTA Projects page to learn about our incredible work on traffic safety in the region.

The other side of safety is taking responsibility for our actions by paying attention when we drive, walk or bike, avoiding distractions and following the rules of the road can save a life.

The RTA is managed by Pima Association of Governments, which offers a safety pledge to help drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians remember the safety rules and practice them every time they traverse our region.