Curious about the next RTA plan?

The Regional Transportation Authority has engaged a Citizens Advisory Committee to develop priorities, weigh suggestions and create the next regional transportation plan for the greater Tucson region.

The committee has 33 members who come from throughout the region, have varied transportation needs, and bring diverse personal and professional experiences.

The newest RTA Next fact sheet details the process, including opportunities for public involvement. The committee developed priorities for the plan development process after receiving input from residents throughout the region.

Committee members will develop the draft plan in public meetings and seek broad public input on the draft plan. Public feedback on a future draft will help the committee refine the plan before it goes to the RTA Board for approval and on to a future ballot for voter approval. Read the fact sheet for an overview of the public process.

The current RTA plan expires in 2026, so the RTA Next planning process is on pace to send a new proposed 20-year plan to voters before then.

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