Behind the scenes: how RTA helps businesses during projects

Road construction invariably disrupts traffic, but with its built-in, complimentary MainStreet Business Assistance Program, the Regional Transportation Authority aims to reduce the impact on regional businesses, large and small, before and during construction of transportation improvement projects from the RTA’s 20-year regional transportation plan.

MainStreet serves and consults the businesses situated along roadway corridor projects, the large and small roadwork improvements.

“We help people know what to expect,” said Britton Dornquast, RTA’s MainStreet manager. “We keep them up to date, help them prepare and work to resolve issues as they occur.”

Here’s a look at what the RTA program and its team of private-sector business consultants has accomplished since its inception in 2007.

  • Assisted more than 9,350 business on more than 60 regional projects to date.
  • Currently working with over 4,750 businesses on 16 regional projects.
  • Providing complimentary business services in three categories: outreach, consulting and resources.
  • Conducted more than 55,100 business outreach visits.
  • Provided follow-up and resolution on thousands of specific questions during planning, design and construction phases.
  • Produced more than 15,500 customized consulting deliverables.
  • Created an online Southern Arizona Small Business Resource Directory with nearly 2,000 resources tailored to businesses, non-profits and other organizations.
  • Sent project update emails to nearly 2,000 business participants per month.

Find out more in the MainStreet FAQ.