Taking care of our community during National Work Zone Safety Week

It’s National Work Zone Safety Week, and we’re keeping in mind all of the personnel working on Regional Transportation Authority plan projects.

From those excavating and pouring asphalt to those installing new crosswalks and those who move the utilities before the bulk of construction begins, keeping their safety in mind is something we can all strive to do when we travel through construction zones.

Transportation project construction workers start early and stay late on the job, and all want to safely make it home to their families at the end of their shift just as we do.

Here’s to all roadway construction workers throughout Pima County who deserve to feel safe on the job, including those working on projects funded by the RTA. Projects from the voter-approved RTA plan that are under construction include:

  • Broadway Boulevard between Euclid Avenue and Country Club Road
  • Downtown Links, a new roadway on the north end of downtown connecting Broadway and Interstate 10
  • Utility work on Grant Road west of Swan Road
  • The Wilmot and Sahuarita intersection

During National Work Zone Safety Week, take extra precautions while driving through work zones to minimize the safety risks for people working close to moving traffic.

It’s a good time for all of us to recommit to being as safe on the roads as possible.

  • Avoid traveling in active construction zones whenever possible (whether on foot, bicycle, transit or a personal vehicle). When you cannot avoid traveling in construction zones, follow these tips:
    • Always drive the reduced speed limit in a construction zone, regardless of whether you see workers on site.
    • Maintain awareness of people, equipment, and traffic control devices such as signs and cones, as the configuration can frequently change in a construction zone.
    • Always follow standard safety measures, such as wearing a helmet when using a bicycle, walking in designated crosswalks, and sharing the road with cyclists and pedestrians.