RTA continues its pledge of accountability

For the past 16 years, the Regional Transportation Authority Board has committed to being accountable to the public for delivery of the RTA’s 2006 voter-approved regional transportation plan.

To date, the RTA has invested more than $1.4 billion in RTA tax revenues and other regionally dedicated funds to deliver more than 930 projects across the RTA district within Pima County in partnership with our member jurisdictions.

Below is a link to the RTA’s recently completed and successful 15-year state performance audit of the RTA plan. We will soon present these results to the State Legislative Audit Committee. 

As an independently governed body, the RTA Board is proud of the RTA’s record of success and the contributions the RTA has made to improve the region’s quality of life by not only enhancing transportation safety, reliability and efficiency but also by supporting new jobs during project construction and economic development along newly improved roadway corridors.

We invite you to read the message below from the State of Arizona Senate President who has statutory oversight of the performance of RTA leadership and the organization’s finances. The RTA is legally obligated to protect the best interests of the taxpayers within the RTA’s taxing district, and the RTA Board continues to honor the will of the voters of Pima County.

To learn more about the success of the RTA and its efforts to develop a new 20-year regional transportation plan for future voter consideration, please email us at info@rtamobility.comIf questions, we invite you to schedule a time to meet with the RTA’s staff who are dedicated to serving the public and upholding the RTA’s governing laws and RTA Board’s accountability pledge. 

The current RTA plan and excise (sales) tax expire on June 30, 2026.