RTA art brings communities together

Public art is for all of us to enjoy. It reflects a community’s values and character, and art brings people together. That is especially true when art is part of Regional Transportation Authority projects. RTA-funded art can be as subtle as a decorative wall on an exit ramp or as striking as a sculpture along a desert parkway.

Up to 1 percent of the cost of an RTA project may include art. RTA projects that include art go through a public selection process to ensure they reflect community values and character. Artists present their ideas during community meetings, and residents are invited to give their input. Typically, this happens during the design phase of corridor projects.

When you look at RTA art, you can see the pieces are in harmony with their surroundings. There is horse-themed art along some sections of the Houghton Road Improvement Project. The art planned for a wall on the Ruthrauff Road/I-10 Interchange Project will pay tribute to a man who played an important role in Tucson’s transportation history. The art at streetcar stops reflects the flavor of the neighborhoods along the route.

The Public Art Manager at The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona, Jeff DaCosta, says public art never leaves community ownership. “This artwork is literally sourced in concept from adjacent communities. It’s homegrown.”

We invite you to take an RTA art tour of the region!