News Release: Seeking applications for Citizens Advisory Committee members to draft RTA plan

The Regional Transportation Authority is now accepting applications to fill vacancies on its Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The committee is designated by the RTA Board to draft the next regional transportation plan for public input.

The RTA currently manages its 20-year regional transportation plan, which Pima County voters approved in 2006. The plan is effective through June 2026, and the future plan is anticipated to deliver new transportation improvements for another 20 years.

Anyone who lives in Pima County is welcome to apply. The committee may have up to 35 members, and currently has 22 members who have just begun a second, three-year term. The RTA Board may appoint new members after receiving applications, which are due by noon, Sept. 10, 2021.

Applications can be submitted as follows:

  • Fill out an online application by noon, Sept. 10
  • Download a fillable PDF form and return it to the PAG/RTA offices by noon, Sept. 10 (mail by Sept. 5 to ensure delivery):
    CAC Application
    Pima Association of Governments
    1 E. Broadway Blvd. Suite 401
    Tucson, AZ 85701

The RTA created the CAC in 2018 to begin the process of drafting a new plan to send to voters to extend the RTA plan from its current expiration in 2026 to 2046. The committee has gathered public input to draft guiding principles and goals. More than 85% of the 3,100 survey respondents in late 2019 indicated agreement or strong agreement on the following goals: improve the condition of existing roadways, provide efficient crosstown mobility, reduce congestion and reduce crashes at intersections.

The committee is accepting proposals from all local jurisdictions for regional transportation projects for consideration in the next draft plan. Once the plan is drafted, it will be subject to extensive public input and revisions before a final draft will be presented to the RTA Board. After board approval, it will be scheduled for a public vote.

The first RTA plan was drafted via a similar process with public input driving the content of the plan. In 2006, the plan and half-cent sales tax were approved overwhelmingly by the voters of Pima County. To date, the RTA has completed nearly 900 projects including major roadway corridor construction, intersection improvements, wildlife crossings, new multiuse pathways, and more bike lanes, sidewalks and bus pullouts.

Pima Association of Governments, the region’s metropolitan planning organization and council of governments, works collaboratively in leadership and planning to enhance our livability by improving regional mobility, economic vitality and sustainability.

PAG manages the Regional Transportation Authority, which oversees implementation of the 20-year, voter-approved regional transportation plan. The plan is funded by a half-cent excise (sales) tax collected through the RTA’s special taxing district within Pima County.