New pedestrian overpass installed at Stone

A visual milestone on Tucson’s Downtown Links project, which is one of 35 roadway corridor projects in the voter-approved Regional Transportation Authority plan, was completed last week when crews installed a new pedestrian overpass at the intersection of the railroad tracks and the Stone Avenue traffic underpass.

The Downtown Links project is providing a new route to connect Barraza-Aviation Parkway with Interstate 10 on the north side of downtown.

The old Stone underpass, for traffic going north and south on Stone to avoid the railroad tracks, was reconstructed earlier as part of the project. The intersection also got new gravity-driven drainage designed to help prevent flooding in the underpass with heavy rainstorms.

Now, pedestrians also will have a safe, all-weather way to cross the area without worrying about traveling alongside vehicles and trains.

The bridge was constructed and delivered in two sections. It was installed while the road was closed, pieces hoisted into place and secured.

The Downtown Links project has a little less than two years of construction remaining, according to the latest update from the Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility.