Fuel prices make it a good time to try an express bus

Express bus ridership has not yet recovered to its pre-pandemic numbers, despite high fuel prices and more companies returning from full-time remote work to hybrid in-office schedules.

In 2019, five of the region’s Sun Express routes had an average of approximately 70 riders per weekday. That number dropped in 2020 and again in 2021. Depending on the route, ridership in 2022 has either slightly recovered or dropped again compared to 2021.

Most Sun Express routes, 10 of 12, receive a majority of funding from the half-cent RTA sales tax voters approved in 2006. They take riders from an outlying or suburban area to employment hubs in downtown Tucson, the University of Arizona, or the Aero Park.

Express routes are a great way to save money on fuel, especially as fares remain free through the end of the year.

Riders who use express buses also can gain some time for a hobby, such as reading, or reduce stress on their commute. Express routes have fewer stops than regular bus routes, and run fewer trips, so finding a ride can be more straightforward for some users.

Find a ride guide, route information and more to begin your trial of an express bus at SunTran.com.