After 18 years and 1,000 projects, it’s a great time to reflect on the impact of the RTA

On May 16, the Regional Transportation Authority will commemorate a significant milestone in our region: the 18th anniversary of voter approval of the 20-year RTA plan and half-cent sales tax. This milestone isn’t just about marking time. It’s a chance to reflect on the profound impact the RTA has had on our communities and regional transportation.

Portrait of Farhad Moghimi, RTA Executive Director.
Farhad Moghimi, RTA Executive Director

Thanks to the support of the voters and taxpayers, our communities have collectively invested $1.6 billion in over 1,000 transportation improvements, enhancing the safety, reliability and efficiency of our regional transportation network. This has led to at least $2 billion in additional public and private sector investments that have supported thousands of permanent jobs as well as new commercial and residential developments to enhance our overall quality of life.

Personally, this anniversary holds deep meaning for me, as I’ve had the privilege of witnessing and contributing to the RTA’s progress since its inception in 2004. Every step forward has been a testament to the shared vision and dedication of regional leadership.

None of our achievements would be possible without the dedication of our Board of Directors and the countless individuals who have guided us through challenges and triumphs alike over the years. From navigating economic downturns to ensuring compliance with regulations and policies, their contributions have been invaluable.

So, as we celebrate 18 years of excellence built on a foundation of regional collaboration, let’s renew our commitment to collaborating for an even brighter future for regional transportation improvements. Together, we can develop better solutions and champion regionalism for a more connected and economically prosperous region.

Congratulations to everyone who has been part of this incredible 18-year journey with us.

Thank you all.

Farhad Moghimi, RTA Executive Director