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The Regional Transportation Authority is the fiscal manager of the $2.1 billion, 20-year regional transportation plan and half-cent transaction privilege tax (or excise tax)  approved by voters in May 2006.

The RTA is a state-established independent local government, which is managed by Pima Association of Governments. The half-cent excise taxes collected from the RTA's special taxing district within Pima County are used to deliver RTA projects.

The RTA invested more than $1 billion in transportation improvements across the region and has completed more than 800 roadway, transit, safety, environmental and economic vitality projects to date. The plan and half-cent excise tax are currently effective through June 30, 2026.

(Updated: June 2019)

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RTA Video Library

Want to see the RTA in action? Visit our video library to view short clips about what the RTA is accomplishing and how. From specific project milestones to real-life stories about regional cooperation and how stakeholders from our communities are benefiting from RTA-funded improvements, our stories can be found here.

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Each Wednesday, we share a new story highlighting a unique aspect or timely view of RTA projects around the region. Learn more about how we're delivering our promise to you by visiting the Wednesday updates here.

RTA Presentation

The RTA continues to deliver projects from the 2006 voter-approved plan, but the current plan and funding source will expire in 2026. Find out what's next by watching this update on the region’s transportation funding climate and steps the RTA is taking to develop a new set of transportation investments with citizen involvement to support our region’s long-term economic vitality.

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