Cool off on transit

July 17, 2019 - In southern Arizona, when the summer months roll around, we all run for the a/c and the shade. Just the thought of getting into a hot car is unpleasant. Regional Transportation Authority-funded transit projects help commuters comfortably get to work, school and appointments. When you get on the bus, streetcar or shuttle, the cool air is waiting for you.

Transit services funded by the RTA include the Sun Link streetcar, Sun Express bus service, Sun Shuttle neighborhood transit and Sun Shuttle dial-a-ride, plus funding for expanded evening and weekend Sun Tran services.

Sun Tran Marketing and Communications Director Pat Richter says the bus and streetcar are great places to cool off in the summer. "When you step into the Sun Link streetcar or a Sun Tran bus, the air is cool and the temperature is perfect. You can sit back, not worry about anything and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere."

The RTA identified more than $500 million of mass transit improvements in the 20-year plan period through June 2026. Click here for information about transit options and how to ride.

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