RTA funds transit, too

Feb. 19, 2020 - It is hard to understate the regional nature of the Regional Transportation Authority. Nine jurisdictions, all working together to provide safety and mobility for commuters within Pima County. Whether you drive, ride a bike, walk, or use transit to reach your destination, there is something in the plan for you.

The RTA plan that voters approved in 2006 has four elements: roadway improvements, safety, environmental and economic vitality, and transit. Improvements to transit include expanded bus service at night and on weekends, express bus service, Sun Link streetcar, Sun Shuttle fixed-route service, dial-a-ride public and special needs service and park-and-ride facilities.

Tucsonan Mike Herman uses a combination of modes to get to work: biking and transit. He says, "Probably one of the largest mental hurdles to doing multimodal transportation is letting go of the idea that the commute has to be done as quickly as possible." Herman rides his bike to the bus stop and then lets someone else do the driving to work or home.

James McGinnis, transit manager for RTA services, says public transit benefits people in ways they do not even recognize. For example, he says, "The more people who ride the bus, the less congestion you are going to have on a busy street during rush hour."


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