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Our Role

The Regional Transportation Authority is an independent taxing district within Pima County. The RTA delivers multimodal transportation projects that improve our region’s mobility, safety and environment. Pima County voters approved the 20-year RTA plan in 2006. To date, the RTA has invested over $1.2 billion generated by the RTA’s half-cent excise tax within Pima County to improve your quality of life and support the region’s economic vitality.

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RTA plan

The Regional Transportation Authority has been implementing projects and services in its 20-year, voter-approved regional transportation plan since 2006. The RTA plan is in its 15th year of project delivery.

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RTA projects

RTA projects

The RTA plan funds roadway corridor, transit, safety, signal technology, bicycle and pedestrian improvement projects and services that are delivered across the region to meet the diverse needs of all our communities.

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Your input matters

The RTA is in the process of developing the next RTA plan and has engaged a citizens advisory committee to lead the way in identifying regional transportation priorities that will serve our region for the next 20 years.

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Get Involved

Knowing what you want for a quality transportation system leads to an efficient planning process. Find out how you can participate. We’re here to listen.



RTA reports and other publications keep you up to date on RTA project delivery as well as how we are doing financially. They help tell the RTA story.



Maps provide a better picture of where RTA projects and services are delivered across our region to help you find alternative connections.

Meetings and Events

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    The RTA investment of more than $1.2 billion in regional transportation improvements to date has been matched with $1 billion in additional public and private sector investments. Besides improving our transportation system, RTA improvements have the added benefit of driving new economic activity along its key regional corridors, leading to new retail, healthcare and hospitality-related businesses, plus new jobs, for enhanced livability.

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