Minimizing Construction Impacts on Business

MainStreet’s business assistance services are provided by independently contracted private sector business consultants and are divided into three general service areas:

1. Business Outreach Liaisons

MainStreet business outreach liaisons distribute initial project information and progress materials directly to the businesses along or near the project and return with progress updates while the project is in planning and design. The designated business outreach liaison also updates business information in the MainStreet database to ensure business receipt of ongoing project mailings and email blasts. The liaison will distribute current information to the businesses during construction and facilitate issue resolution that may affect day-to-day business. Businesses are encouraged to call the MainStreet business outreach liaison or the MainStreet hotline, (520) 838-4352, if there are questions or concerns. Materials and information provided during these visits typically include:

  • Project Fact Sheet
  • Project Contacts and Updates
  • Future Improvement Maps
  • Open House Invitations
  • Press Releases
  • Utility Coordination Updates
  • Construction Schedules
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Ribbon-cutting Event Notices
  • MainStreet Collateral

2. Complimentary Business Consulting

Confidential direct consulting services are offered by the business outreach liaisons as part of their visits. If these services are accepted, a pre-consultation intake is scheduled and performed. Then a “health” assessment of the business is conducted to determine the type of direct consulting needed. MainStreet contracts with private sector consultants to develop unique solutions and deliverables designed to improve the overall health of the business.

Direct business consulting has been used by 600+ businesses on RTA projects and typically has made a positive difference for them. The MainStreet Business Assistance Program's direct consulting process consists of the following steps:


  • Overview of RTA MainStreet Business Assistance Program
  • Explanation of program services, exclusions and expectations
  • Review of the consulting process
  • Presentation of confidentiality agreement
  • General business discussion

Business Assessment

  • Signed confidentiality agreement
  • Business health check assessment in eight improvement areas
  • Analysis and prioritization of client needs
  • Consulting hours calculation

Summary and Recommendation Report

  • Determination of consulting services including anticipated deliverables and proposed timing

Consulting Services

  • Scheduling of meetings as required to complete services and deliverables

Tangible Deliverables

  • Implementation


  • Letter of services rendered to business
  • Completion of signed closing documents
  • Feedback solicitation through survey

3. Business Resources

MainStreet offers Small Business Success workshops which are available to businesses on any RTA projects at no cost and other helpful resources:

  • Small Business Success Workshops. These workshops focus on specific areas of best practices for businesses such as financial, marketing, operational, entrepreneurial, etc. The workshops are free to any business on any RTA projects, past or present. MainStreet’s last workshop was "Leave No Stone Unturned—Business Practices to Save Money and Generate Cash Flow!"
  • Construction Preparation Strategy Planning. This onsite session is culminated from our 120 years of direct construction mitigation experience along with various tip sheets on what to expect during construction projects and how to prepare your business for construction impacts, how to effectively communicate during construction and how to work with the media.
  • Southern Arizona Small Business Resource Directory. MainStreet updates and publishes a helpful directory of business organizations and resources for businesses in southern Arizona. This publication containing over 2,500 resources is essential for small businesses looking for additional information, assistance and extension of their "circle of support." Categories include:
  • Business Planning
  • Business Support
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • International Business
  • Legal
  • Management and Learning
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Media
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Transportation

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