Bid Tabulations and Critical Construction Costs

Bid Tabulations

The following tables contain actual bid tabulations for construction work on RTA-funded arterial roadway projects. During the planning phase, the lead sponsor generates an engineer’s estimate that contains all items to be included for constructing the project. After the design of the project is completed, the project is open for public bidding and general contractors bid on each item listed in the engineer’s estimate. The bid tabulations below were submitted by the general contractor that was awarded the construction contract.

Critical Construction Costs

The table below is a living document that is updated periodically to reflect actual construction costs for previously bid RTA funded roadways. The items listed are those most frequently used in construction and is meant to be used as a quick side-by-side comparison for specific costs of individual items within a project. During the design phase, these records are used to help engineers replicate the current bid climate and provide a more accurate construction cost estimate. Each bid item reflects materials and labor for the specific project.


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