RTA Continuation Plan

The Regional Transportation Authority recently formed a 35-member Citizens Advisory Committee to assist in the development of a continuation plan that will seamlessly follow and supersede the RTA’s existing, 20-year regional transportation plan.


This citizen-driven planning effort will carry forward the vision for the region's transportation system that was created nearly 15 years ago through the collaborative efforts of the RTA, citizens, and county, local, state and tribal governments that led to the 2006-voter approved plan. Projects in the current plan will be implemented through June 2026. A future election will be set once a continuation plan has been developed and approved by the RTA Board.

Development of an RTA continuation plan will fulfill the RTA’s duty to prepare and adopt a regional plan for the investment of the RTA’s half-cent excise tax, which is collected in the RTA’s special taxing district within Pima County.


The RTA promotes regional cooperation on transportation issues that extend beyond any one jurisdiction’s boundaries. The RTA continuation plan will not replace the vision of any individual community but will carry a broader regional focus. That focus is to provide a safe, reliable and efficient regional transportation system that protects and enhances the quality of life for the citizens of the growing region now and in the future. Local governments must work together to deal with the effects associated with growth, such as traffic, air quality and access to jobs, which are not limited by jurisdictional boundaries.


Starting in 2019, the RTA’s citizens and technical management committees, partner agencies, regional stakeholders, the community at large, and the RTA Board will work together to identify transportation priorities that will serve as the foundation for the new shared vision that will further shape the region's transportation network. The RTA continuation plan will be developed using an outcome-based approach to achieve the highest levels of transportation system safety and performance.


During this planning effort, the RTA will offer a variety of outreach opportunities to engage participants and inform the process, such as conducting surveys, listening sessions, public and private-sector stakeholder interviews, online forums and neighborhood meetings, and collecting public comments.


The RTA is committed to carrying forward the collaborative efforts that began nearly 15 years ago to identify priority needs, solutions to transportation challenges, and best project implementation practices that can be incorporated into a deliverable continuation plan valued by our communities.

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